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Dream Cars 4 Kids

A huge shout out to Nael and Leana Yacoub for helping to organize a fun day for John Michael! In all honesty, I had no idea exactly what I had agreed to. The organization is truly amazing. Dream Cars 4 Kids focus is to bring supercars to kids with medical challenges. The goal of this focus is to make children’s dreams come true by hosting rallies, unique online fundraisers and car shows. I believe over 70 cars were registered for the parade for John Michael. I do not know much about cars, but there were some pretty cool, amazing cars in this parade. John Michael and Ben said their favorite was the camo Lamborghini! You can see it in the video. My favorite was the "Lightening McQueen" car. The story behind it is so incredibly heart warming. The owner had his car wrapped to look like Lightening McQueen for a 3 year old boy battling cancer - his wish was to see a Lightening McQueen car and Dream Cars 4 Kids fulfilled his wish!

Thank you to all who participated and to all who made donations. As always, we are forever grateful! John Michael may be in need of a new chair soon and every little bit helps! I am always amazed at how in the adaptive world nothing is inexpensive! You think they would be more helpful to those in need. So thank you for your continued support. Every penny goes to helping John Michael overcome.

Enjoy the pictures and the video and find our prayer requests below. God is good and He hears you!

- louder voice so his speech will be audible and clear

- consistent, strong, sustainable, functional movements

- that God would look upon John Michael and continue to bless him with a spirit of acceptance and restore him to fulness

- peace and patience

"But you, Lord, sit enthroned forever; your renown endures through all generations. You will arise and have compassion on John Michael, for it is time to show favor to him; the appointed time has come." Psalm 102:12-13

Love to all,


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