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Weighing in at a whopping 24 pounds - on the 24th - showing he is JMStrong, meet Ranch the Retriever! Ryan and Trippe adopted Ranch last month for her birthday. We have loved having them here. You can follow his adventures on Instagram @ranch_the_retriever

Not much to update. Covid has really messed with John Michael's therapy. We were able to start back at CORE in May, but as the numbers in Florida spiked, masks were required and John Michael has a hard time with a mask. His breathing is good but not good enough to wear a mask while working out and not to mention it would be hard to know if he was talking. We are scheduled to be back next week with a a fishing neck and hoping for the best. He is ready to get back at it!

Not going to lie, it has been a pretty boring summer. We do get to the beach every couple of weeks but that is about it. Praying that Covid would go away and life can get back to some sense of normalcy. I think we could use a renewed sense of energy. I have been blessed recently with several random notes and messages from mostly people I do not even know. God has such impeccable timing because I desperately needed them. They were words of how My John 3:16 had impacted their life. I'm so grateful God put it on my heart to write this book. Their kind words helped me more than they will ever know!

Prayer Requests:

  • for Covid to go away!

  • a louder voice

  • all movements be made functional

  • no setbacks from lack of therapy

  • peace and patience - I think our country could use this as well!

I wish I had a more exciting update, but given the craziness in the world I'll take status quo for now. I apologize if you have sent me a message on social media - I have been off since May. I do hop on once in awhile to check JM facebook page and Ranch's Instagram. The best way to reach me is to email me at

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Gal 6:9

Love to all,

Vickie - PS - don't forget to follow Ranch on Instagram!

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