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MOTIVATION MONDAY - video repost

The only reason I know today is Monday is because yesterday was Easter Sunday! We hope everyone had a Blessed Easter and found a way to worship and feel the love and gratitude that only Christ can give - especially during crazy times like these. Not quite sure how many days we have been self quarantined - we started immediately, even before it was recommended. With John Michael's situation, I can not run the risk of him catching this crazy virus. Nor can I afford to - my immune system is still weak from the chemo. Not to mention Ryan - who has been home now for almost a month - she has a rare blood disorder that puts her in the high risk category as well. So we have been hunkered down going back and forth from Winter Park to New Smyrna. Needless to say we were so disappointed when the beaches closed. But the view from our balcony isn't too bad and the change of scenery helps. Ben is adjusting to virtual school, but misses his friends and yes, even his teachers. I have to say his school has done a great job making this transition pretty seamless keeping the stress level down - at least in our house.

John Michael is continuing his speech therapy via Zoom and we are doing his functional brain exercises daily. We miss our CORE family and all of the therapists! Praying this ends soon so he can get back up on his feet more!

In all honesty, John Michael and I feel like we have been quarantined from our "real life" for 4 years now, so it really has not been much different for us. I have spoken to other moms who are primary care takers for their child with special needs and they feel the same. I say this not to have you feel sorry for us, but to know we feel your pain and stress. It is very hard to pick yourself up every day when every day is exactly the same and you have no idea when it will end. People are sick, people are dying, people are losing their jobs - it's awful. But I encourage you to remember that attitude is everything! Complaining and voicing opinions on social media are not going to help anybody. I have honestly tried to unplug because I just can't believe some of the things being said about our schools, teachers the government and medical experts. Do people not realize that at the end of the day, nobody cares about their opinion and worse yet your children are listening - and if old enough reading your posts. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but please stop with the negativity and slander - everyone is doing their best! Ok I'll get off my soapbox :)

So I am reposting this video of John Michael - maybe some of you are seeing it for the first time since you have more time to be on social media. This is your motivation for the week to get up and do it again - with a smile on your face and not complaining. This too shall pass.

Prayer Requests:

- healing for all infected by COVID19 and comfort for those who have lost someone to this virus.

- the quarantine will end soon and everyone can get back to work and John Michael to therapy

- peace and patience for ALL!

This is what the Lord, the God of your father David says: "I have heard your prayer and seen your tears, I will heal you". 2 Kings 20:5

Love to all and stay well!


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