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Late last fall John Michael and I headed over to Tampa to meet Dr. Kyle Daigle. He was in town for a convention and said he could meet with us beforehand to do a quick evaluation and give us a brief overview of his program. We first heard of Dr. Daigle while following the story of a Navy Seal who suffered a major TBI. His wife posted numerous videos of him working with Dr. Daigle and when I saw such a difference it was making I became intrigued. When I saw a video of this red laser on his brain I became very intrigued. We reached out to him and that is how we came to meet him in Tampa. Fast forward a couple of months and Dr. Daigle spent this past weekend working with John Michael in our home. When we first met him, John Michael was immediately drawn to the fact that he was young, energetic and passionate about what he does - help others.

Dr. Daigle practices functional neurology. He is convinced that in order for John Michael to progress to where he wants to be, we need to get rid of "primitive reflexes". Everyone is born with them and most people out grow them. A brain injury causes them to return. There are several of these reflexes but in one of the videos you will see him running a device up the bottom of his foot. This is called the Babinski Reflex. A natural reflex is for the toes to turn down. John Michael's turn up. So without going into a whole lesson, we are basically trying to rid him of any and all of these reflexes. He has given us exercises that will help.

Eye movement is another big thing that we are working on. As you know, right after his stroke he could only move his eyes up and down. He regained vertical movement after a few months but at a certain point they will start to bounce a bit. He gave us many exercises to help eliminate this. He can't properly balance until this is corrected.

Needless to say we learned a lot! Most of John Michael's therapists came over to be trained for these exercises and use of the laser. Many of these exercises and the laser can be incorporated into his current therapy. So grateful that his team is so open to new ideas.

We are also so grateful to have connected with Dr. Daigle and learned so much while he is here. Our hope is to see some major progress from all of this. I wish we would have known about all of this in the very beginning, I think it would have made a difference, but unfortunately this is out of the box and most doctors and facilities do not think this way. Praying for a different outcome!

Prayer Requests:

-these new exercises and the laser will be the missing piece

-any and all movements to become functional

- a louder voice

- peace and patience

BOOK UPDATE! - New release date of January 21st was given to me today. I will keep you posted.

"This time the outcome will be different from what it was before." Daniel 11:29



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