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It's been a crazy few weeks for us and My John 3:16! So many to thank and so many great memories made. We started with the Book signing at The Writer's Block Bookstore and haven't stopped since.

Our next signing was at the Women's Club for a Community Event meeting. Thank you Sue Grafton for inviting us to come and speak. It was so great to be able to thank everyone personally for all of the love, support and prayers over the last 4 years. We have such an amazing community and felt very loved by the turnout.

We were next invited to attend my dear friend Ingrid Cordell's book club at her home. I told her if John Michael was going to come and spend the evening with a bunch of older women he was going to need to bring his friends - Jake and Jared of course. She was thrilled to have them. The boys had so much fun, they joked that they wanted to be invited to the next one! The delicious meal and their beverages of choice might have had something to do with that.

Thursday the 13th, my good friends at The Grove in Winter Park, hosted an all day signing. I was there from 12:30-6:00 and John Michael came for the last couple of hours - hanging out all day in a ladies clothing store isn't quite his idea of fun. Lori Heagy helped the Grove ladies organize a beautiful event. Tessa McAuliff from Tessa's Table made an amazing display of cheese, crackers, fruit and sweets! It was almost too pretty to eat! We had a great turnout and I had so much fun visiting with friends.

The following week we were off on our book tour. First stop was Ocala. My sweet friend and sorority sister LaurieAnn Truluck hosted a fabulous event in downtown Ocala. It was great to meet so many of her friends who have been following our story all these years. It is nice to now be able to put a face with a name. We were also so excited and surprised when my friend Laura Oconnor from Jacksonville, a friend of John Michael's from high school (who drove down from Gainseville), and a fellow Camp Ridgecrester all showed up! We also loved being able to just spend time with LaurieAnn and her family at dinner after the signing getting to catch up.

The next morning we were off to Macon to spend some time with The Bears! The Men's Lacrosse Team hosted a book signing for us on Friday evening in the Field House. Thank you to Carl Rauch and John Griffin for all you did to make it such a success. After the signing, the team all gathered and the announcement was made as to whom would be wearing 24 the next day. Luke Sadd was so excited to be chosen. Coach Hannan spoke and gave John Michael some new Mercer gear. Afterwards we headed to dinner with the Hannan family. We have come to love this family so dearly and always enjoy any time we get to spend together. The next day the Bears took care of business with a 28-6 win. We hated to leave, but Atlanta was calling.

Saturday evening in Atlanta we had a wonderful meal with Ryan and two of her beat friends - Molly and Katelin - as well as a few of the Jessen Family. We had such a great time! The next morning we headed to Passion City church with Ryan and her friends. It was a beautiful message of Victory and trusting God's got this! After church it was time for the book signing. A huge thank you to Ryan, my sister Maria, Brandy and Jack Jessen, Alicia Nichols and Karol Santarsiero for hosting this incredible event. We had an amazing turnout. John Michael's therapists from Shepherd all showed up as well as Rodney - our favorite nurse. It was great to see so many that had helped us out while we were in Atlanta - I had not seen most of them in almost 4 years.

We were pretty tired when we finally made it back home. We have taken a little break. I actually attended a much needed women's retreat this weekend in New Smyrna Beach. Kristen Millson from All Saints Episcopal Church asked me a few months back if I would be one of the key note speakers. I was very honored, but I'm not going to lie I was very nervous. I was the closing speaker Saturday night for about 50 women. It was actually very healing sharing my story, sharing John Michael's story. It was an awesome group of women that made me feel very loved and supported. It was a much needed reprieve from the crazy last few weeks.

But, Tallahassee is calling! We are so excited to head to Tallahassee on Wednesday for another book signing. We will be at Hearth & Soul. Check the Events tab for details. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hi, we'd love to see you! Books will be on sale, but if you already have one, bring it and we will sign it for you.

I love watching how God is using this book to touch so many. The testimonies we are receiving are pretty amazing. Thank you to EVERYONE who has bought the book, read the book, shared the book, come to a signing , messaged us, and continue to pray for us. we could not be more humbled and thankful!

Prayer Requests:

- all movements would become functional

- a louder voice

- ability to completely roll over

- travel safety

- peace and patience

"I love the Lord, for He heard my voice; He heard my cry for mercy. Because He turned his ear to me, I will call on Him as long as I live." Psalm 116:1-2

Love to all,


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