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I'm so thrilled to introduce to you John Michael's massage therapist Elke Salgado. Elke has been with John Michael for a little over a year now. She comes to our home every Wednesday afternoon - not a bad way to end a long day of therapy. He had another therapist - Beth - early on, but she was so busy with her work, school and life, she had to move on. We feel very blessed to have found Elke.

Massage is such an important part of John Michael's recovery. There are so many benefits from a massage for anyone, but especially for someone who is not mobile. It helps with blood flow, spasticity, muscle relaxation, flexibility and mental health as well as physical health. So while it is a "treat" to get a weekly massage, we feel it is also necessary. I have also had the luxury of having Elke work on me as well. There have been times that John Michael, for whatever reason couldn't get his massage, so he so graciously let me take his spot. I have had my fair amount of massages over the years and I have to say, she is amazing!

Thank you Elke for your gift of wisdom and knowledge on how to heal the body through your work. You are so kind and care so much for your clients. Thank you for your healing hands. We are so appreciative of you.

Prayer Requests:

- continued prayers for a louder voice and lateral tongue movement

- all movements would become consistent, sustainable and functional

- peace and patience

"..they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well." Mark 16:18

Love to all,


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